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Commercial Truck Insurance

Illustration of a semi-trailer truck driving down a road next to a green field.

Commercial Truck Insurance That Fits Your Business

Freeway Insurance has been providing affordable commercial insurance options for over 30 years so we understand the specific needs of business owners when it comes to commercial truck insurance. Our experienced insurance agents are skilled at consulting with owner operators and fleet managers to ensure your assets are properly protected. When you insure your commercial truck or fleet of trucks through Freeway, you’ll get the coverage you need at the price your want.

Customized Truck Insurance Coverage

We understand that every business owners’ needs are different. That’s why we offer customized truck insurance policies that provide all the protection you need for one low price. We insure all types of trucks in Arizona, California, Florida, Illinois, Nevada, New York, and Texas, and we specialize in providing coverage to owner/operators, motor carriers, and private carriers.

In addition to the standard types of coverage shared by all commercial vehicles, Freeway also offers truck-specific coverages, including:

  • Motor Truck General Liability
  • Non-Trucking Liability
  • Motor Truck Cargo
  • Trailer Interchange
  • Rental Reimbursement with Downtime

Get a Commercial Truck Insurance Quote Online

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Trucking Operations Covered by Commercial Truck Insurance

Most trucking operations require specific coverages, along with add-ons that provide additional protection. Here are some of the most popular commercial trucking insurance coverages:

Why Do People Choose

  • Flatbed Truck Insurance
  • Refrigerated Truck Insurance
  • Dump Truck Insurance
  • Tow Truck Insurance
  • Container Freight Insurance
  • Tanker Truck Insurance

Truck insurance is a broad category of commercial vehicle insurance. It is comprised of several coverage types that are specific to the trucking industry, along with add-ons to further protect your assets. Freeway provides all of these coverages and will help you determine exactly what type of coverage you need for your business.

What Information You’ll Need to Buy Commercial Truck Insurance

You’ll need to provide the following basic information when requesting a commercial truck insurance quote:

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    Your current insurance policy declarations page. If you don’t have a commercial insurance declarations page, you can use a current personal auto declarations page. You can also ask your new insurer to get the declarations page from your old insurer.
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    Drivers license numbers and driving history of all drivers.
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    VIN numbers of all vehicles plus a list of safety and security features on each truck.

If you don’t have all the above information, most companies will provide you a quote based on your estimations. Keep in mind that the quote may change if the company learns of information that was not provided during the quote process.

Commercial Truck Insurance Quotes

Freeway helps all types of truckers stay legal and safe on the road. Request a free commercial truck insurance quote online or by giving us a call. All you need to do is provide some information about your business and the truck or fleet of trucks you own, and we’ll help you find affordable commercial truck insurance with great coverage. We have partnerships with all the top commercial truck insurance companies so you can be certain you’ll be matched with the best company to meet your needs.