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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What Protocols will the Freeway VoIP Network Support?

Q: What Codecs will the Freeway Network Support?
A: G.723, G.729, G.711

Q: How much bandwidth will each codec use?
A: With overhead per voice channel; G.723; 8 ~ 12kbps – G.729; 15 ~ 35kbps – G.711; 64 ~ 88kbps

Q: Do I require broadband to perform VoIP?
A: Yes, broadband or Ethernet is necessary to maintain good voice quality. Dial-up bandwidth is limited and tends to have delays as the throughput speed changes frequently resulting in lost or delayed packets and choppy phone calls.

Q: What is QoS and is it important for good voice quality?
A: QoS (Quality of Service), the QoS is a mechanism, to give certain packets higher priority (voice) while passing through networks over other less critical packets. In general for VoIP applications we set voice packets with a higher priority to ensure consistent quality.

Q: What ports in my router should be open to allow SIP calls?
A: Open ports 5060 TCP and 10,000 ~ 30,000 UDP

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