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Struggling to Find Affordable Health Insurance in Phoenix? Here’s How You Can Do It

A middle aged male doctor showing an older patient his chest x-ray to portray how to find affordable health insurance in Phoenix

Arizona has some of the highest numbers when it comes to uninsured Americans, but there are ways to find a solid insurance plan in Phoenix. There are different types of health insurance on the market, with plans tailored to your budget and current health needs. An affordable healthcare plan may seem hard to find, but vigilance and research will help you find the best plan possible.

Affordable Care Act

The Affordable Care Act has provided many Americans the health coverage they need in Phoenix. Arizona was one of many states that opted to participate in the ACA expansion program and has expanded its Medicare program for single applicants with a low income stream. Medicare offers plans through the Health Insurance Marketplace, where providers can choose the right plan for them. Just as in the private sector, you can choose from various health care insurance quotes that suit your budget. Additionally, applicants may qualify for subsidies or tax credits under the ACA.

Research Plans

State plans help many of the uninsured, and a majority of plans in the United States remain covered under private-based insurance. You can find a variety of health care insurance quotes on the market if you do not qualify for tax credits or subsidies. Call health insurance companies for a quote, and negotiate a lower price if necessary. Agents may seem willing to help you find the best plan, but they are required to look out for the interest of the company first. Examine each component of a plan, and ask as many questions as possible to know the full details of your policy.

Employer Insurance

Many Americans get their healthcare through their employer, which is why people want to work for a company that offers comprehensive benefits. Many businesses are required to provide healthcare coverage under the ACA. Company health insurance is one of the easiest ways to gain access to healthcare, giving you the chance to choose among top tier plans or participate in a health insurance pool.

How Else Can I Get Health Coverage in Phoenix?

For more information on different types of health insurance in Phoenix, contact Freeway Insurance at 800-777-5620. A helpful representative will guide you through health care insurance quotes and any other insurance needs you may have.

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