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Film Star Zoe Saldana Reveals That she’s Pregnant with Twins

On the night of October 1st, Zoe Saldana, esteemed actress and dancer, announced that she was having twins with her husband, the Italian artist Marco Perego. The way it was announced was charming and out of the ordinary as well, since Saldana decided not to make a big announcement at all. Instead, she revealed the new addition to her family in an interview with E! Online. How she will handle health insurance and life insurance is yet to be seen.

E! Online approached Saldana at the opening of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences’ Hollywood Costume exhibit in L.A. and began to talk about Saldana’s plans for Halloween. Upon inquiring about her costume plans, she said, “I might. I might need three costumes. I might have to make some adjustments, but it would be nice,” while rubbing her belly.

E! News, the first to report on Saldana’s future twins, reported that the Guardians of the Galaxy star even jokingly mentioned going as a bride. “It would be a shotgun wedding,” she said, laughing.

This isn’t the first time that Saldana’s mentioned having kids. “I’m Latin—we start young, honey!” Saldana admitted on the Lifetime series The Conversation With Amanda de Cadenet in April 2012. “At 22 you’re like, ‘I just wanna hold something!’ You want a little critter.”

The news that she was pregnant with twins was surely a very pleasant surprise as well, since Saldana has expressed a desire to have “two or three” kids. “Or four or five! I don’t care. They’re just so delicious. I love the anxiety, the pressure of the loud room full of yapping kids. But I’m a kid myself. I get along very well with animals and children. I dig them. I get them. They make perfect sense to me. A child speaks more sense than an adult half of the time.”

Saldana and her husband, Marco Perego, were secretly married during the summer of 2013, but now it seems that the secret is out, and the world is busy getting excited about the kids. The parents are undoubtedly excited as well, and hopefully they have their health insurance and life insurance set up to deal with those hospital bills and protect their newly-arriving twins.

Do you know anyone with twins? Are you a fan of Saldana’s work in film? Share your thoughts in the comments section!

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