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The Importance of Registering Your Parts and Not Just the Vehicle

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Car theft happens regardless of whether you live in the middle of the city or in a remote or rural location. Many unassuming car owners have awakened to find their car is gone or is missing crucial parts, leaving them to deal with the hassle of filing a car insurance claim and talking to the police. Going to greater measures to prevent car theft can also act as a form of identity theft protection since there’s such a strong connection between identity and car theft. Find out why etching the VIN number or attaching GPS responders to the most valuable parts under the hood and in the dashboard is one of the best modern theft deterrent methods.

Proven Impact on Theft Rates

One reason it’s worth the cost of investing in extra theft deterrents is because they’re making a proven impact on the annual number of car thefts in total. Rates of car theft have fallen steadily since they peaked in the early 1990s, and the statistics from recent years have shown as little car theft as experienced during the 1960s. This is due in large part to theft deterrents like registration for car parts, one of the tactics promoted by the best car insurance providers. Lower car theft rates translate to lower car insurance rates, so paying once for a theft deterrent system results in long-term savings for both you and everyone else.

Chop Shop Work

There are other types of theft deterrents available today, but the increasing popularity of the chop shop treatment makes parts registration one of the most valuable services. Since it’s hard to sell a vehicle when it’s wanted, most modern car thieves take cars for disassembly and sell off the most valuable parts instead. Sometimes they do the work themselves in your driveway or garage and just walk away with a duffel bag full of the most valuable parts. When they open the hood and find permanent and conspicuous etched VIN numbers that identify the parts they want, you’re less likely to find your car stolen or missing key parts. This helps you maintain low cost car insurance by reducing the number of claims you make, allowing you to earn discounts that add up over time.

Etching Individual Parts

Did you know that you need comprehensive insurance to receive compensation after your car is stolen? When you’re already paying for more insurance coverage, you should take the extra step to prevent theft in the first place by registering individual parts. Adding labels and stickers to the exterior of your vehicle to warn potential thieves that your parts are etched is a great deterrent. Of course, it’s not enough to simply add labels and not take the actual step of registering the parts. Car thieves can quickly see through a ruse like that by checking under the hood.

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