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Cheap Car Insurance in Lubbock

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Located in northwest Texas, Lubbock is well known for its burgeoning music and arts scene. It is home to the Buddy Holly Center and the West Texas Walk of Fame.

It is also home to Texas Tech University and sits close to iconic Route 66, which cuts through the heart of the Texas Panhandle, long known as the Main Street of America for its captivating scenic views.

That said, all Lubbock drivers must have state minimum auto insurance coverage. Keep reading to learn more about car insurance in Lubbock, including average costs and minimum car insurance requirements for the region.

Quick Facts

  • The average cost of full coverage car insurance in Lubbock is $157 per month
  • In Texas, it is estimated 20% of drivers are uninsured
  • In 2019, there were 45 fatal crashes in Lubbock, with 47 people killed

How Much Does Car Insurance Cost in Lubbock?

On average, full coverage car insurance in Lubbock costs $157 per month. This is very comparable to the state average ($151) and the national average ($161).

Some factors that play a role in the cost of your car insurance include your age, zip code, and claims history.

Full coverage car insurance consists of three types, including liability, collision (damages to your vehicle caused by a crash), and comprehensive, which covers non-collision-related damages, such as theft and vandalism.

Take a look at what other cities in Texas pay on average per month for car insurance.

City Full Coverage State-Required Minimum or Liability Coverage
Lubbock $157 $47
Austin $155 $50
Dallas $193 $57
Houston $177 $56
San Antonio $158 $51

Lubbock Affordable Car Insurance Rates by Zip Code

Some Lubbock zip codes pay higher premiums than others based on collective driving history, theft/vandalism incidence rates, and similar factors.

Here is a list of the average monthly rate Lubbock drivers pay, broken out by zip code.

Zip Code Full Coverage State-Required Minimum or Liability Coverage
79401 $157 $47
79403 $158 $47
79404 $160 $47
79407 $148 $44
79409 $153 $45
79410 $148 $44
79411 $160 $48
79412 $154 $46
79413 $146 $44
79414 $152 $46
79415 $158 $46
79416 $149 $44
79423 $149 $44
79424 $146 $43

Lubbock Low-Cost Car Insurance Rates by Age

Your age dramatically influences how much you’ll pay for car insurance in Lubbock. For example, teenage drivers are notoriously more expensive to insure, with an average monthly rate that makes the ones paid by drivers in their 50s and 60s pale in comparison.

Unfortunately, as a group, teenagers have a high rate of negative incidents on their collective driving record, such as tickets and accidents. Therefore, everyone in this group pays in the form of higher premiums. Students who are diligent and make good grades may be able to get a good student discount from their insurance company. And eventually, your rates will drop as you get older.

Here is a list of the average monthly rate Lubbock drivers pay, broken out by age.

Age Full Coverage State-Required Minimum or Liability Coverage
18 $396 $133
20 $325 $101
30 $153 $45
40 $150 $45
50 $138 $42
60 $134 $41
70 $150 $49

Unless otherwise specified, we use the following methodology to arrive at our average cost: male, age 30, lowest possible legal coverage allowed by state. Your rates will be determined by several factors, including your age, your gender and the amount of coverage you want to purchase.

Driving Conditions in Lubbock

How Many Fatal Accidents Happen in Lubbock?

In 2021, there were 42 fatal crashes in Lubbock, with 45 people killed. Understanding the local driving conditions is crucial for residents and visitors alike. Factors such as weather, traffic, and road infrastructure play significant roles in road safety.

How Are the Road Infrastructure and Bridges in Lubbock?

Lubbock has an active Public Works department that manages transportation and roadways. The city continuously invests in maintaining and improving its road infrastructure and bridges. This commitment enhances overall road safety and contributes to preventing accidents.

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Minimum Car Insurance Requirements in Lubbock

Texas is an “at-fault” insurance state, allowing drivers to file lawsuits against drivers determined to be at fault for an accident.

In Texas, the state minimums are as follows:

  • $30,000 for bodily injury liability per person
  • $60,000 for bodily injury liability per accident
  • $25,000 for property damage

What Are the Penalties for Driving Without Insurance in Lubbock?

Driving without auto insurance in Lubbock is a serious offense.

For first offenses, expect a fine anywhere between $175 and $350 along with an annual $250 surcharge for three years. Subsequent offenses could see fines as high as $1,750. Additionally, drivers may have to file for an SR-22, which serves as a certificate of financial responsibility and guarantees insurers you are carrying minimum coverage limits.

If you are a low-income driver unable to pay the Texas annual surcharges, you may opt into the Indigence Program, which reduces your yearly surcharge by 10%. You must be at or under 125% of the federal poverty guidelines to qualify.

Factors Allowed in Lubbock Car Insurance Rates

Insurers look at many different factors when deciding on your premium. Rates are set by the state, but the insurance agency can take into account your circumstances and history when deciding what they will charge you. Many factors affect Lubbock car insurance rates, including but not limited to:

  • Age
  • Zip Code
  • Driving Record
  • Car Make and Model
  • State Requirements
  • Credit History

How to Get Affordable Car Insurance in Lubbock, TX?

Securing affordable car insurance in Lubbock, TX is a priority for many. To navigate the options and find cost-effective coverage, consider these six strategies. From shopping around to leveraging discounts, these tips can help you obtain the best possible insurance rates without compromising on the coverage you need.

  1. Shop Around: Compare quotes from different providers to find the best deal. Price-conscious Texas drivers can benefit from understanding the varying rates offered by different companies.
  2. Bundle Policies: Save money by bundling car insurance with home or renters insurance. Combining policies often leads to discounts, providing substantial savings for the customer.
  3. Maintain a Good Driving Record: Safe habits lead to lower premiums. Avoid car accidents and traffic violations to keep your insurance policy rates at a reasonable level.
  4. Choose a Higher Deductible: Lower monthly costs with a higher deductible. While this saves money in the short term, be sure you’re financially prepared for the higher out-of-pocket expense in case of a car accident.
  5. Maintain Good Credit: A good credit score can qualify you for lower rates. Insurers in Texas may use your credit score to determine insurance prices, highlighting the importance of managing your credit.
  6. Ask About Discounts: Inquire about available discounts for additional savings. Customers can often benefit from discounts related to factors like good student grades, military service, or safety features in their vehicles.

Securing cost-effective coverage in Lubbock involves asking the right questions about available savings and understanding the information presented in your insurance policy. It’s crucial to be informed about liability insurance, collision coverage, and additional features like Personal Injury Protection.

Texas drivers should recognize that certain life events, changes in data such as credit score, or getting into a car accident can impact insurance rates. By proactively managing these factors, you can maintain insurance protection that aligns with your financial goals.

In conclusion, a well-informed customer can navigate the complex landscape of car insurance in Lubbock, making decisions that not only save money but also provide adequate coverage in the event of unexpected events. Regular reassessment and responsible driving habits contribute to long-term savings and peace of mind on the road .

Discounts for Car Insurance in Lubbock

Luckily, Lubbock drivers are eligible for all types of discounts. Here are some in the offering:

  • Usage-based discounts
  • Driver status discounts
  • Policy discounts

Usage-based programs count mileage. The lower your average annual mileage, the lower your rates. Additionally, driver status discounts may be extended to good students, military personnel, seniors, and select professional affiliations.

Lastly, policy discounts are automatically applied or available upon request for completing select administrative items, such as paying your bill in full, bundling auto insurance and health insurance, or enrolling in electronic billing and autopay.

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