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Non-Owner SR-22 Car Insurance

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What is Non-Owner SR-22 Car Insurance?

Non-owner SR-22 car insurance is for drivers who do not own a vehicle but are required to file an SR-22 with their state DMV. An SR-22 insurance is a government form filed with your state’s Department of Motor Vehicles that serves as proof of auto insurance to allow mainly high-risk drivers to drive legally. Keep in mind that if you live in a household where someone owns a car, you most likely will not be able to purchase non-owner SR-22 vehicle insurance.

How Much Does Non-Owner SR-22 Insurance Cost?

Your insurance company will charge somewhere between $15 and $25 to file your SR-22 certificate with the state. After that, your non-owned SR-22 car insurance will cost just slightly more (between 3-5%) than regular non-owner insurance.

Non-owned SR-22 car insurance quotes are cheaper than regular car insurance since you won’t be driving on the roads as much now that you do not have regular access to a vehicle. This is why if you live in a household where someone does own a car, you will not qualify for this type of insurance.

Is Non-Owner Insurance the Same as Non-Owner SR-22?

No, but in many cases, high-risk drivers who have been ordered to file an SR-22 insurance certificate with the state DMV after a conviction will need to purchase it. It’s one way the state makes certain that a person who has been convicted of a major offense will not be driving without insurance. Non-owner car insurance includes bodily injury and property damage in a liability insurance policy for drivers who typically use rental cars or borrow someone else’s car to get around, but who do not need to have an SR-22 on file.

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Is Non-Owner SR-22 Auto Insurance Really Necessary?

It may be necessary if you’ve been designated a high-risk driver by your state and ordered to file an SR-22 certificate. Even if you are currently without wheels, in these circumstances, you will still need to show the state that you have some form of acceptable high-risk car insurance.

How Do I Buy Non-Owner SR-22 Vehicle Insurance?

You’ll need to find an insurance company that offers insurance with SR-22 first. You may need to do some car insurance comparison shopping to find a rate you can afford. Once you purchase your car insurance, your insurance company will file the SR-22 certificate with the state.

Keep in mind that most states require insurance companies to alert them in real time if there is a lapse in coverage or if a policy is cancelled. If your SR-22 insurance coverage lapses, it may be harder to find an insurance company willing to work with you.

How Long Will I Need Non-Owned SR-22 Car Insurance?

If you get a car or move into a household with someone who has a car you may drive, you’ll need to let your insurance company know. At that time, you may need to move into a regular SR-22 insurance policy. Aside from that, most states have a set period of time you will need to carry insurance with an SR-22 form. Generally, it’s between 2-5 years, but that can vary depending on circumstances such as the offense. If everything goes well and you follow all the requirements, once that time is up you can let your insurance company know. The thing to keep in mind is that there will be a day in the future where you can purchase regular car insurance again and put this behind you.

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