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Car Insurance in Santa Ana

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There are few cities in California with quite as much history as Santa Ana. It is also one of the most densely populated cities in the country, giving you a wide variety of cultures and different perspectives to interact with.

Interestingly, Santa Ana wouldn’t have its name without the existence of the Santa Ana Freeway. And that “drives” home a point: this is a city meant to be explored by car! But, before you can explore the city by car, you need to make sure you have the right car insurance lined up.

Quick Facts

  • The average cost of car insurance in Santa Ana is $136.56
  • In 2019, there were 17 traffic-related fatalities in Santa Ana.

How Much Is Car Insurance in Santa Ana?

If you’re new to driving in Santa Ana, you are probably preoccupied with a simple question: how much will your car insurance cost? The average cost of car insurance in Santa Ana is $136.56. That is a bit more expensive than the average cost of car insurance for California, which is $131.62. But it’s right in line with the national average cost of car insurance, which is $135.06.

But relative to the rest of California, is automobile insurance in Santa Ana really that expensive? To help you decide, we have a breakdown below of different average car insurance prices throughout the state:

City Average Monthly Rate
Fresno $115.04
Los Angeles $174.36
Sacramento $129.79
San Diego $109.90
San Francisco $155.64

Santa Ana Car Insurance Rates by Zip Code

It should be clear by now that you can expect to pay different (and sometimes very different) car insurance prices in different parts of the state. Interestingly enough, you can also expect to pay different prices in different parts of Santa Ana.

That’s right: your zip code is one of the factors influencing how much you pay for your car insurance. Below, we have info on the different average car insurance prices within Santa Ana-based on zip code:

ZIP Code Average Monthly Rate
92701 $143.24
92703 $133.75
92704 $150.22
92705 $125.65
92706 $116.82
92707 $130.63

Santa Ana Car Insurance Rates by Age

While California has more restrictions than other states, the truth is that many different factors ultimately affect the cost of your monthly car insurance premium. One of those factors is age, and the very young end up paying far more for car insurance than the very old!

Don’t believe it? We’ve got the lowdown on the average car insurance prices people of different ages in Santa Ana pay. Scan the list to get a rough idea of how much you might pay based on your own age.

Age Average Monthly Rate
Teenagers $245.57
20s $159.85
30s $107.11
40s $108.41
50s $104.87
60s $83.65
70s $119.85

Driving Conditions in Santa Ana

How Many Fatal Accidents Happen in Santa Ana?

In 2019, there were 17 traffic-related fatalities in Santa Ana. This was a result of 12 different fatal car accidents.

How Are the Road Infrastructure and Bridges in Santa Ana?

The infrastructure in Santa Ana is fairly strong due to the city’s commitment to making improvements. Although some of these improvements (such as the construction of new streetcars) sometimes shut down roads, causing annoyances for drivers and businesses alike.

However, the city remains committed to projects such as revitalizing the South Main Business District. And having recently received $143 million in federal stimulus money, Santa Ana is likely to invest in its infrastructure like never before.

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Minimum Car Insurance Requirements in Santa Ana

Everyone knows that you need to have car insurance when you’re driving: it is required by law. Unfortunately, many drivers are unaware of how much insurance they are legally required to have.

In California, you are required to have liability coverage for your car insurance. And that coverage must be at the following minimum amounts or higher:

  • $15,000 for injury/death to one person
  • $30,000 for injury/death to more than one person
  • $5,000 for property damage

The limits define how much the insurance carrier will pay out if there is a qualifying event. Because you will be liable to pay for any damages beyond those limits if you are at fault, we recommend getting more than the minimum amount of insurance required.

Factors Allowed in Santa Ana Car Insurance Rates

Previously, we reviewed two of the major factors influencing your car insurance premium: where you live and how old you are. However, your insurance carrier is allowed to use other factors as well. Would you like to know what these factors are?

In the state of California, carriers are allowed to consider the following factors when setting car insurance prices:

  • Age
  • Zipcode
  • Education & occupation
  • Marital status

If you previously lived in another state, your carrier may have been able to use additional factors. But in California, carriers are forbidden from using these two factors:

  • Credit score
  • Gender

Discounts for Car Insurance in Santa Ana

We have focused extensively on factors affecting your car insurance premium. However, the main concern for most drivers is not how their price got this high but how they can lower how much they pay.

We have some good news on that front: insurance carriers are allowed to offer special discounts based on qualifying behaviors and events. Here are some common discounts offered by carriers in California:

  • Graphic of a man driving a car

    Discount for safe driving

  • Pink icon of a thief

    Discount for installing anti-theft devices

  • Blue icon of a graduation cap

    Discount for being a college student

  • Green icon of a military man

    Discount for military service

  • Pink icon of a document with a checklist

    Discount for having multiple policies with the same carrier

  • Orange icon of an elderly man

    Discounts for being mature, retired, or a senior citizen

Don’t forget that your own carrier probably has far more discounts. You simply won’t know what is available until you ask them!

What Are the Penalties for Driving Without Insurance in Santa Ana?

When you drive without enough insurance coverage, you are always taking a risk. After all, if you should cause an accident, then you might end up having to pay quite a bit of money for things like property damage and the medical bills of the other driver and his passengers.

However, what happens if you are caught without any insurance at all? You’ll still have to pay for any damages you caused, and you’ll also be on the hook for some major penalties and fees.

When you’re a first-time offender, your fine should be somewhere between $100-$200. A second offense within three years brings the fine to somewhere between $200-$500. Don’t forget; the court may assign additional penalties and fees depending on your situation.

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With this information, you are ready to drive all around Santa Ana. But do you know where to find the insurance coverage you need before you get behind the wheel?

Here at Freeway Insurance, we’re here to protect you as you drive through Santa Ana and beyond. You can get started with a quote online. Or you can come and visit us at a local office near you. And don’t forget, you can always pick up a phone and call us at (800) 777-5620 for a quote!