Conference Room Rental Rates

Questions? Call the Reservation Team at (855) - Freeway

Room Rental (Up to eight people) Rates:

  • U.S.: $175 - $375 / hr. - 9am to 5pm local time
  • International: $250 / hr. and up

After Hours/ Weekend Rates:

Higher rates may apply for groups larger than six and rental hours outside normal business hours.

Scheduling Fees:

  • U.S.: $50 per site
  • International: $50 per site

Telecommunications Charge:

You only pay telecommunications charges when the room you are renting places the telephone call to the far side room. Prices are for U.S. point-to-point calls only; multipoint and international call pricing varies.

  • 384Kbps (Near full motion video): $120 / hr.
  • 128 Kbps (Lower video and audio quality): $40 / hr.

USA Multipoint Bridging & Transmission: $110 / hr. (Per site @ 384 Kbps - Domestic U.S. sites only)

Optional Charges

Computer interface, electronic whiteboards, flip charts, additional lighting and other audio visual equipment are available at an additional charge.

Cancellation Policy:

  • One business day or less: Freeway Proximity Scheduling fee plus 100% of room rental.
  • Two business days or less: Freeway Proximity Scheduling fee plus 59% of room rental.
  • More than two business days: Freeway Proximity Scheduling fee only.

Small and midsize business (SMB) live video conferencing room for rental on a hourly basis.

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