You can not make your business RELIABLE and COST-EFFECTIVE without a computer network assessment.

What is a Network Assessment?

The results are that most networks:

  • Are not designed to support real-time applications such as IP Telephony or CRM.
  • Require higher than average operational costs because they are difficult to troubleshoot, maintain and operate.
  • Are not designed based on industry best practices for availability and performance.
  • Have outdated hardware and software platforms that are no longer supported by the manufacture.

Today's networks are becoming increasingly complex. Support for critical enterprise applications and converged communication systems have created unparalleled expectations for network availability and performance. Freeway's Network Assessment Service will help you ensure your network is ready to support your business, it is designed based on industry best practices and is operating at peak efficiency. Many networks today were built in the late 90's. Others were patched together as part of multiple company mergers. In addition, network infrastructure has become more complex. More and more services, such as wireless and mobility are being integrated into the network. Technology trends such as convergence, virtualization and data center consolidation have placed new demands on the network.

Your LAN must be ready and compliant to support the real time nature of VoIP/ Unified communication. Voice is being packetized and sent across your LAN, just like an email or any other data application. By the very nature of any live or real time conversation, the slightest delay caused by network congestion within you LAN , will cause call quality issues, such as choppiness or dropped audio. The vast majority of call quality issues are caused by an underlying problem in the LAN. So everything on your LAN, including switches, routers, firewalls and cabling, must be ready to support VoIP / Unified communications to ensure optimal call quality.

The broadband connection must have enough capacity to support the combined utilization needs of your voice and data traffic. It must consistently deliver packets with low latency and no packet loss. Freeway has found that VoIP / Unified operates best with less than 200ms latency. Please realize that broadband connections like DSL and Cable are shared networks and can vary in their ability to consistently deliver voice communications. However, a T-1 or Ethernet private-line connection, which we always recommend, is the optimal broadband medium for the delivery of high quality VoIP / Unified communications.

Configuration and Stability Assessment

  • We perform a detailed review of individual device configuration and compare them to industry best practices.
  • We analyze the existing operational state of the network to assess overall stability and reliability.
  • We provide comprehensive assessment of the current state and detailed recommendations for improvement.

Network Performance and Traffic Baseline

  • We deploy with advanced software probes to capture critical network application traffic.
  • We provide detailed analysis of network utilization including protocol volumes, application usage and network response metrics.

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