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IT Project understands the critical nature of project delivery and the importance of reducing risk in integration of business communication infrastructure and applications. Well proven project management methodology and planning are key to an effective implementation of an IT infrastructure project without negative impact on vital business areas. Our project management deployment methodologies are constantly being refined and improved to allow us to better assist our customers to deploy and integrate their various communications in a timely schedule while mitigating risk. Project management is truly an essential part of any business in California.

Our Project Management team can help with:

  • Integration, Scope and Risk Management – We take responsibility for coordinating all the work across a project to ensure the right choices and tradeoffs are made, customer needs are met, and the project is ultimately successful. Our project management team will ascertain the major work required to meet a project's goals by working in partnership with our clients to define the project and we identify, and control risks throughout the project. We can help manage any IT infrastructure locally in California with ease.
  • Time, Cost and Quality Management – Our project management team will define a quality program for a project that includes the test planning, deliverables reviews, and customer reviews of progress against objectives. Our project managers create an integrated task schedule for the project, and controlling changes to that project timeline. Resources for identifying the major work required to meet a project's goal, helping the team to define, verify, and control what should be (and should not be) included in the project.
  • Resource and Procurement Management – our project management team heandles purchasing and acquire products, service, and materials to deliver a whole business project to our customers. We define the project team, the roles and responsibilities of its members and the governance structure to ensure success.
  • Communication Management – As part of our project management, we manage the projects Resources for planning effective project communications within and outside the team, and accomplishing that through various techniques of information distribution, progress and performance reporting, and stakeholder management.

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Project Management Implementation's project managers have extensive expertise to direct, support and implement all aspects of your project. We start by providing clients with a detailed project plan that lists hour, dates, resources and milestones that are easily understood and aligned with the customer's business. Once approved, we then utilize our Structured Systems Methodology to organize the project into distinct processes that can be monitored, measured and completed in a timely manner. Lastly, to bring the entire project management process together, we introduce a 'safety net' via our project managers that have managed and completed technology and business related projects multiple times.

Project Implementation

Professional Project Management Services

  • Assessments
  • Planning & Design
  • Implementation
  • Project Management
  • Training

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