Network Monitoring & Emergency Service (NMES)

  • Around-the-clock remote monitoring
  • Eperienced support engineers

Features of Network Monitoring and Emergency Service:

  1. 24x7x365 service with
    • Remote Monitoring
    • Proactive Alerting
    • Performance Reporting
  2. Optimizing network resources.
  3. Managing increasingly complex and dynamic application environment.
  4. Experienced support engineers.
  5. Early warning system.
  6. Microsoft and Cisco network specialists.
  7. Experts of Novell, Apple, Citrix, VMware and SonicWALL.

Freeway Network Monitoring & Emergency Service provides around-the-clock remote monitoring, proactive alerting and performance reporting for end-to-end data and IP network infrastructures in California. Through our network monitoring, we help organizations maximize network and application availability and performance, reduce or avoid downtime, and increase resource utilization. In today's business and economic climate, organizations need tools that help them be more efficient, meet higher Service Level Agreements (SLA), and reduce operating costs. Our Network Monitoring & Emergency Service (NMES) gives Small & Medium Business (SMB) clients in California the information and business intelligence to optimize resources and more effectively manage their increasing complex and dynamic application environment.

Staffed 24x7x365 by experienced support engineers.

At the core of our Network Monitoring is the operations center, staffed 24x7x365 by experienced support engineers located in California. Through ongoing data collection and expert analysis of network quality, performance and availability. Our Network Monitoring and Emergency Service can identify potential bottlenecks or other availability issues before they impact operations, providing proactive alerts to minimize or avoid an outage. This early warning system accelerates troubleshooting and reduces downtime on average almost one hour per event, a major cost savings to the organization and a significant boost to productivity.

Guarantee of a technician on-site within four hours.

When your network goes down, it can be a disaster. But not if you have Freeway on your side. Our network monitoring & emergency services allow us to identify a network emergency (such as downtime) the moment it happens, spot early signs of trouble and take action to prevent problems from occurring. And if something does go wrong, our on-site support services can get your network up and running in no time, especially since we are located locally in California. For our Network Managed clients we even guarantee a technician on-site within four hours.

To the Rescue: 24x7 On-Site Network Support

In cases where a network problem is not able to be prevented, simply knowing the problem exists in a timely manner brings little consolation. For this reason our network monitoring & emergency service is included as part of our network support plans, which feature 24x7 emergency support. Freeway can provide fast on-site support in California if your problem cannot be solved remotely.

Cisco, Microsoft & Other Vendors. . .

  • Teams of Microsoft and Cisco network specialists.
  • Experts of Novell, Apple, Citrix, VMware and SonicWALL

Our team is trained, certified and highly-experienced with network installation, integration, security and network support with respect to hardware from virtually all major vendors. We have teams of Microsoft and Cisco network specialists, as well as experts in other recognized hardware and software suppliers such as Novell, Apple, Citrix, VMware and SonicWALL. These knowledgeable in-house professionals can quickly address and correct problems with any system. Whatever your networking monitoring needs may be, our consultants can handle it. More than just a monitoring tool, Our Network Monitoring and Emergency Service offers organizations "peace of mind" that uptime is maximized, downtime is minimized, and performance is optimized. Freeway is watching over your network infrastructure 24x7, you can focus your resources on running your business.

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