Backup Disaster Recovery (BDR) is a critical component of a comprehensive business continuity program for all small or medium businesses in California. By automating the process of backing up, protecting, restoring and having disaster recovery on mission-critical data, makes it easy to safeguard one of your company's most valuable resources.

An ideal disaster recovery solution for companies that you need to know:

  • Protect valuable data without additional capital or IT expenses
  • Eliminate the potential cost of lost data and employee downtime
  • Reduce ongoing labor, hardware, software and media costs
  • Migrate from a cumbersome, error-prone traditional tape-based backup strategy to an automated online solution
  • Enable easy access to data for the long-term future of the company

Backup & Disaster Recovery

This service includes:

  • 15 Minute Snapshots
  • 256-bit AES Encryption
  • Windows Server Support For 32 and 64-bit Os’s
  • Disk Based Backup
  • File & Folder Restores
  • System Restores
  • Recover Using Drag & Drop Functionality
  • Exchange Message Level Recovery
  • VSS Aware
  • Sync to External Drive Options
  • Multiple Restore Points Locally & Offsite

What would a Backup & Disaster Recovery solution be without solid backups? Freeway's disk based appliance allows for fast point-in-time snapshots that won't impact your environment. Only changes to the data are captured. Restoration is just as easy, mount your backup files as a drive and copy what you need locally or to the network. After the initial base backup, all future backups are incremental. Backups are taken at the block level. This is below the file and folder level, and is more efficient. An incremental chain is created and only the changes are backed up, reducing backup windows. We make is simple to prepare with backup and disaster recovery for any business in California.

Create a world-class data protection infrastructure without additional capital or operating expense.

Fast, Secure Data Transfer Data is transferred immediately to secure off-site data centers using existing TCP/IP infrastructure.
Centralized Management All installations, upgrades backups and restores for multiple remote servers are centrally managed from a single workstation.
Rapid, Easy Data Recovery Lots or missing files, directories, e-mail boxes and attachments are restored with the click of a mouse.
Instant, Accurate Reporting Centralized and accurate information about the entire backup and recovery process is instantly available.
Broad platform Support Integrates easily with Windows, Novell Netware, Linux, Sun Solaris, HP-UX, IBM AIX, IBM System and VMware.
Broad Application Support Supports Exchange, SQL Server, SharePoint, Cluster Services, Oracle and other applications.

Freeway Managed Backup: A critical component of a comprehensive business continuity strategy.

Security Strong data encryption over the wire and while in storage ensures that data is always protected.
Reliability Backups are performed and verified automatically.
Availability Data is available 24/7 for optimum convenience.
Scalability Service configurations scale easily to accommodate increased growth.
Efficiency Patented technology and optimized compression shrinks the backup window and reduces storage costs.
Interoperability Data restoration run on any system on any platform supported by Freeway.

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