Freeway is the best place in California for your server colocation needs

We offer high performance, 10 megabit, 100 megabit and Gigabit connections providing stable and secure colocation services and can accommodate a wide variety of systems for all of California or Los Angeles. Our core network is built around high-performance routers and switches from Cisco. The core network runs across a fully-switched gigabit backbone. Connectivity from the core network to all of our carriers is via fiber.

15 years experience in Los Angeles and California

Freeway is not just an Internet bandwidth company in Los Angeles, CA with a fancy room to park your servers. We understand it takes far more than that to be successful on the Internet and few companies have much, if any, experience operating and managing high-demand colocation sites on the Internet. Our staff has 15 years experience managing collocation facilities in Los Angeles, California.

Complete Solutions

  • Windows, Solaris, and Linux.
  • Wide variety of commercial and open-source packages.
  • Monitoring and System Administarion System.
  • Secure, Management, Backup strategy, High-availability.

We offer complete and highly sophisticated turnkey web server solutions for all of Los Angeles, California. If you require hardware, Freeway will specify, procure, build and configure the right box for the job. We are proud to offer the flexibility of the operating system that is right for the job as we support Windows, Solaris, and Linux. Freeway is experienced with a wide variety of commercial and open-source packages. Our monitoring and system administration services keep systems up and running smoothly. Our consulting services can help you design the perfect solution that is secure, incorporates management capabilities, provides a backup strategy, and offers high-availability and more anywhere in California. We have over 100 years of combined experience in high performance network services and applications making us the best company to handle your server colocation on LA, CA.

High Bandwidth

  • Cisco-powered switched Ethernet.
  • Hundreds of megabits of bandwidth.
  • Redundant backbone carriers.

The Freeway network is Cisco-powered switched Ethernet, with connections to our peers and backbone providers established over direct fiber connections. We have hundreds of megabits of available bandwidth to the Internet, which is provided via multiple redundant backbone carriers making us the best server colocation company in California.

Low Latency

  • Network route optimization.

We have engineered a highly efficient network. Our server colocation network has fewer hops, to any other point in the Internet, than most other collocation providers. Many of the national colocation providers have 6 to 10 hops. We however, has fewer hops, through the highest performance Cisco 7200 series router available. We have established transit services with carriers that have constructed similar networks. All of these factors yield fewer hops and lower latency overall for all of Los Angeles and California.

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State - of - the – Art and Secure

Each of our colocation facilities boasts carrier-class space built according to uniform environmental and security standards.

  • Security: Multi-layer security control procedures, biometric readers, and closed-circuit video monitoring.
  • Power: Uninterruptible AC and DC power solutions that are flexible and upgradeable-meeting all types of customer needs.
  • Cooling: HVAC redundant design with air distribution for maximum temperature control.
  • Fire Suppression: Smoke detection system above floor; double interlock, pre-action, dry-pipe fire suppression.
  • Overhead Cable Management and Ladder Racking: Provides easy access to all cabling while minimizing obstructions.

Pre - Configured and Customized Options

Freeway offers a range of flexible options that address a wide variety of customer needs:

  • Cabinets: Pre-built colocation cabinets offer pre-configured power and can be installed in days.
  • Racks: Flexible rack configurations within 100, 200- square-foot suites or custom suites.

Field Services

Our field service organization helps satisfy your key network maintenance requirements. Available around the clock, technicians are ready for dispatch in our collocation facilities. Companies can reduce costs by leveraging their network provider's internal staffing. Available as an hourly purchase or as a package, the service can free your own technicians of:

  • Equipment installation
  • Card swaps
  • Securing cables and setting switches
  • Equipment power-cycling
  • Backup and swaps
  • Reboots of software
  • Read and report equipment alarms
  • Customer-supervised troubleshooting
  • Equipment and circuit testing
  • Providing certified latency reports
  • Installation cabling
  • Attenuating circuits

A Proven Colocation Solution

Hundreds of customers rely on Freeway to deliver the security, power, availability, customer support, and connectivity necessary to support their critical applications. We are a single-source solution for your server colocation and network needs in Los Angeles, California.

Freeway Colocation provides secure, controlled space, and network access for your servers, which facilitates faster, more cost-efficient interconnection for all of California.

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