Upgrade to T1 - Is it time to replace your current DSL connection with a T1 connection?

Installation in New Office - Are you moving or expanding to a new office space and require a T1 installation?

Expansion of Network - Do you require high-band width T1 connectivity to support your commercial application or large number of users?

From ordering to provisioning to T1 installation, you can rely on Freeway to provide your company or organization with fast and reliable T1 internet services in California. If you are looking for your own personal line of bandwidth in Los Angeles, California, we offer excellence in T1 service. Consider it similar to having your own HOV lane on the freeway, dedicated to you, with no one able to share, or interfere with your ability to pass traffic. With bonded T1, dynamic bandwidth, dedicated internet, and point to point T1 service you be sure you are getting the best service possible.

T1 Connections Southern California

High Performance:

  • 1.5megabits per second
  • Full Duplex
  • Local Loop Included

Bandwidth for T1 from Freeway is 1.5megabits per second, for both uploads and downloads (simultaneously, as our T1 service is full duplex).

A dedicated internet T1 from Freeway provides fast and reliable internet access for your company or organization. Our standard T1 service comes complete with local loop included.

Comfortable Connections

  • Fully Switched Networks
  • Cattier Class Fiber Optic Connections
  • One Hop onto The Internet

We engineer high performance service directly from your business in California to the core of our fully switched networks, via cattier class fiber optic connections. This result in completely uncongested T1 connectivity with one hop onto the Internet, without the need to go through failure prone remote Points of Presence.

We ensure that dedicated bandwidth is available at the backend through our multiple Tier 1 connection to ensure that you can, if required, max out this connection 24 / 7. Our dedicated bandwidth means that you are able to access your T1 internet in Los Angeles, California at any time.

For a company with demanding internet needs, a dedicated point to point T1, high capacity digital service is the solution for you.


Your business deserves the best, put Freeway on your short list and compare our T1 internet services, features, installations, support and pricing to any other in California.

Prioritized Data Routing

  • Multiple OC48s and DS3s at each POP.
  • T1 Internet traffic gets priority routing over DSL traffic.

Robust SLA

  • 99.99% uptime service-level guarantee and 4 hour repair time SLA.
  • Rated for the full line rate that you purchase.

Guaranteed Bandwidth

  • Freeway T1 service consistently delivers against their contacted bandwidth and through put levels.
  • Freeway T1 services are not burst-able or limited by lower bandwidth information rated that don't approach advertised speeds.

Mission-Critical Performance

  • Guaranteed Committed Information Rate along with our advanced internetworking technology allows customers to receive the dedicated bandwidth of a point-to-point T1 connection.
  • All of our data centers have multiple redundancies, so if one T1 connection goes down, multiple backup T1 connections are immediately available.

And, Bonded T1

Freeway can provide a Bonded T1 for your business with symmetrical with 3.0 Mbps data speeds.

A bonded T1 (also called DS1) is two or more T1's that have been joined together to increase bandwidth. A full T1 provides approximately 1.5 Mbps, where two bonded T1's provide 3Mbps. Two bonded T1's allow you to use the full bandwidth of 3 Mbps where two individual T1's can still only use a maximum of 1.5 Mbps at one time.

If you are looking for a high bandwidth circuit with ability to move data at speed up to 3 megabits per second (for both uploads and downloads simultaneously), our Bonded T1 solution may be the perfect solution. We can bond up to 7 T1's for 10.5 Meg of access. The cost of a bonded T1 line is usually the number of T1 lines you want to bond multiplied by the cost of a single T1 line. T1 installation is typically done within 20 business days. Price vary, depending upon your location. Get a quote.

Priority Local Loop Support

The local loop (or "last mile") of most circuits is provided by your local telephone company. Fortunately, when you procure your service from Freeway, you don't get stuck having to deal with the phone company. We act as your emissary to procure services from them on your behalf, and supervise the T1 installation.

Should a problem arise with your local loop, we deal with the phone company on your behalf. It is important to note that the phone company holds itself to different standards of responsiveness depending upon circuit type. DSL service is considered by the major telecommunications companies to be low-end residential class service, and as such, they generally make few guarantees about how quick they will respond to problems with DSL loops.

On the other hand, T1 circuit are treated as priority mission critical business service, and outages are responded to relatively quickly (typically within a couple of business hours). Get the reliability of a T1 circuit, with high data throughput, dedicated internet, dynamic broadband, and point to point T1 internet services from us.

T1 Connectivity

  • Up to 16 static IP address included
  • DSL/cable backup service ( customer must have DSL/cable line and capable router)
  • Proactive circuit monitoring
  • 24 X 7 technical support

Normal Delivery

Dynamic Delivery

Normal Delivery Dynamic Delivery

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