Solutions for Connectivity

  • Voice, Data and Video
  • DSL, T1's, DS3's. Ethernet, Fiber. and Wireless
  • MPLS networks

Freeway offers solutions for connectivity that includes MPLS networks in a variety of delivery methods including DSL, T1's, DS3's. Ethernet, Fiber, and Wireless.

All of our solutions are designed for the advanced Voice, Data and Video needs of today's enterprise level business. Our service Group will provide all of the details you need to architect the customized solutions for your unique needs.

T1 Service

T1 InternetScalable, Reliable, Affordable!

Need enterprise level connectivity with ultra high reliability built for Voice, Video and Data starting from $289 / month? Freeway T1 service is engineered for today's business with prioritized data routing and robust service level guarantees. Bonding technology enables multiple Freeway 1.5Mbps T1 circuits to seamlessly operate a single connection, allowing business to cost effectively scale band width as their needs change.

DSL Service

DSL InternetBusiness Class Service that is reliable & Affordable!

Interested in High Speed DSL level Service optimized for Voice and Data starting from $29.95 / month? Every business has unique needs. Whether you're a small business or home office that wants the simplicity and competitive pricing of a DSL broadband solution that can meet a variety of upload and download requirements, or a company that wants the guaranteed performance backed by service level agreements, we've got the business DSL product you need.

Good Price, Good Support & Good Solution - It's the best choice.

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