Axis Fixed Cameras

A fixed network camera is the best choice when a traditional camera design is preferred for deterrence. The viewing direction is set once the camera is mounted. There are several models with a varifocal lens and/or exchangeable lenses for increased flexibility. Housings are also available for mounting the camera outdoors or in harsh environments.

Axis fixed network cameras meet a variety of application needs. You can choose fixed network cameras with:

  • Megapixel/HDTV resolution
  • Outdoor capabilities
  • Power over Ethernet
  • Two-way audio
  • Wireless connectivity

Axis 207MW

Axis 207W

Axis M1011

Axis M1011-W

Axis M1031-W

Axis M1054

Axis M1103

Axis M1103

Axis M1104

Axis M1104

Axis M1113

Axis M1114

Axis P1311

Axis P1343

Axis P1343-E

Axis P1344

Axis P1344-E

Axis P1346

Axis P1346-E

Axis 210

Axis 211

Axis 211M

Axis 211W

Axis 221

Axis Q1755

Axis Q1755-E

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